Support for multiple outputs on a math expression node

I find it very odd that it is not possible to have multiple outputs on a math expression node, I would love to use it, but it really doesn’t save that much time for just supporting 1 output. As an example, I’d like to be able to use the following equation: A = Z5, B = Z2 In my mind, this equation would have one input being Z, and two outputs being A & B, but an equation like this does not work. I feel that this is a no-brainer, and am hoping to see an update in the future.

Thats doesnt have any sense for me. You just calculate Z and than multiplicate it to get A and B. Isn’t that a core idea of programming, if you want to make something complex, you cut it for a parts and reuse it over and over again.

That was just an example, something more advanced that I’d use it for it calculating values for quats, which I believe currently forces me to use at least 4 math expression nodes.

I totally agree bruh, without multiple outputs you be trippin’ on math nodes. Umad bruh?

I said this in a separate post, but it still applies here in that I completely agree with this (multiple outputs), if we are going to have a math expression node, it should be able to do multiple equations and things like x/y=w w%10=r (take the output and use it in the equation so you can get something like Division and Remainder without having to write the same equation multiple times)