Support for Mobile Devices(ETA)

It is known UE doesn’t support all mobile devices yet.

I want to get my hands on UE for mobile development. But 4.6 is released and not much improvement for mobile platform. I had high expectations. :frowning:

Do you have a date(or version) in mind when you will be supporting all(or at least almost all) mobile devices?

Thanks in advance

Hi Corpse0327,

Unfortunately, there is pretty much no way we can guarantee support for all mobile devices, as worldwide there are thousands of different phones. However, given the devices we do support, you can generally extrapolate whether or not a device will be supported from the current info. For instance, please see this community wiki for Android Device Compatibility. Best practice is to check the GPU for the device on which you wish to develop, and check to see if it is the same or similar to a device that we have tested in house, or on which the community has tested and added their information to this wiki. If you test on a device that isn’t listed and want to contribute, please add it to this wiki to help other users.


Actually thinking that i asked for an ETA now sounds silly to me.

You shouldn’t have bothered, even so thank you for answering. :slight_smile: