Support for int64's and other int's and uint's in blueprint

Hey we noticed recently that when we coded a project with int64’s in one of the classes, the type was not recognized when we made a blueprint of that class. The blueprint editor simply called it a “Bad Type” and we couldn’t do anything with that integer. My suggestion was just to add support for these int’s and uint’s in the blueprint editor.


There was lot of talk about this, Epic excuse this by saying they didn’t want to introduce multiple int types to reflection system (which also includes blueprint) for simplicity reasons, uint8 (Byte) and int32 (Integer) is only supported int types.

Did you tried to check if TBigInt is maybe supported?

Just posting to say TBigInt isn’t supported. Dammit.

Would also be nice to have doubles in blueprints.

With current system this would cause function count explosion. Blueprints would need proper template mechanism for all math functions to this be feasible.