Support For Global Shaders In Plugins

From Trello:

Is it in master branch currently ? And even if it is not, would it be possible to give small 101 of steps needed to get shader working from plugin ?

I’d also like to know this.

Doesn’t look like it’s in master yet. We’ll need to wait for the next merge of dev-rendering…

This will be the best addition to the engine in years. Finally writing stuff like geometry shaders doesn’t require engine modification.

Change 3388612 on 2017/04/11 by Simon.Tourangeau

Support shaders in projects and in plugins
When searching for a shader it will
- First look in Engine/Shaders as usual
- Then in project's Shader folder
- Then in all enabled plugin Shader folders

Project or plugin must be loaded in PostConfigInit phase
Tested in PIE, engine (cooked, packaged)

Well I guess it’s still impossible to extend rendering with plugins only (add postprocess for example).

Yes please!

Actually… this is very useful. One of the best implementations.