Support for forward rendering

can you make forward rendering support not only for mobiles and html5 but for pc too.


I find the deferred renderer a bit too much for an Intel HD 3000 to handle. Even if your game is 2D or uses only unlit materials, the G-buffers are still being filled.

Try to make an 854x480 mode (or perhaps 1024x576) for the lower-end cards. They can often do geometry just fine, and what’s hurting them is fill rate.
Also: 854x480 will let you test what it would look like in SD widescreen, if that’s still something you care about :slight_smile:

i have a intel hd 3000 too. i get 30-40 fps but without effect ,antilaiasing ,postprocesing and low quality shadow .
if ue4 support forward render the fps will increase.
if ue4 support it for mobile and html5 why not pc and other devices ?

Well, it should be possible to modify the source code to allow the D3D_ES2 to be used when packaging games for Windows. It’s the renderer used for “mobile preview”, but last time I checked some changes are needed so it will generate and package shaders.

but whit the mobile settings of the forward rendering you cant use pixel light you use only vertex light

can any one of the staff answer if this is possible please?

+1 for 2D and mobile.