Support for AnswerHub System


I’ve posted a few things in Answerhub in the past, and recently. It appears that I can’t edit posts I’ve made to include more information or fix a typo in a submission. Is this by design or should answerhub posters have this capability?

What is the recommended way of reaching support for Answerhub usage (NOT getting help for a particular problem with unreal engine)? Is there an email address?



This seems odd, I can edit my posts and answers. Directly underneath the textbody should be the the edit button.

Hi @pDunkl

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same actions. My first answserhub post was way back in August which had an immediate response that I wouldn’t accept as a fair answer (currently cannot mark reply as answer): Using Arrow Keys To Move BP Nodes Not Undo-able - UE4 AnswerHub

My EPIC Answerhub has never allowed me to edit a post. Here is a post I made yesterday with a typo in the subject that I didn’t realize until this morning when I went to see if anyone answered and add some text suggesting that I would like to use Regular Expressions from logs to help group output: Notice the action buttons missing:

Hi [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] Could you push me in the right direction? Whom may I email or contact here on the forums about answerhub issues (not being able to edit my own posts, or even mark something as answered)?

Thanks for any and all help.


New users are placed into a ‘moderation’ bucket until their posts get approved, and until then certain actions are limited. For some reason you were still in this bucket, even though you’ve got some approved posts already. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ve removed you from the bucket and made you a standard user. Does that fix the issue?

Hi [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER],
The issue does appear to be corrected. I sincerely appreciate the swift help! I’m pushing hard to learn Unreal Engine with the hopes that I gain employment at Epic Games.

Thanks again,


[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] Not to be a pain, but I’m sure the same thing is happening to me. You couldn’t give me a sprinkle of that admin magic as well, could you?

Done! It seems like the same issue as previous was affecting you.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] ,

I have another issue. HOWEVER, instead of using, say, this thread, or, directly asking you for help, how should a user of the forums/answerhub seek technical support?


Hi Erol.

There’s no dedicated channel specifically for UE4 forum/Answerhub technical support. As such, the proper channel would be, and clicking the “Contact Us” button, which is broadly used for all Epic account issues.

Please feel free to share any feedback with me by private message regarding your support experience.