Support for alternatives to visual studio???

Great engine with excelent graphics, but alternatives to visual studio for building cpp classes really vould make this engine perfect

Im not sure this is possible. The way I see it, the custom tailored Unreal Build Tool is required to compile UE4 (Projects).
Since UBT is designed to interoperate specifically with VS, I dont think other IDEs like RAD-Studio (C++ builder) would work.
Unfortunately :frowning:

Visual Studio is a giant slow beast.
But if you have the VS C++ compiler already installed, in 4.18 you can opt to use “VS Code” which is much muuuch smaller application;
I’ve heard Visual Studio runs more than 60 million lines of code, while VS Code is just bellow 20 thousand lines, it’s launch time is super fast:

VIsual Studio is dinosaur - the MS guys possibly cannot remove a lot of non-performing codes in it due to backward compatibility. So VS Code is possibly (yes, from my wild-guess only ) the attempt to better IDE from zero, which is impossible with Visual Studio…

VS is a slow beast for sure. Install to an SSD and use a PC with fast RAM speed can improve it’s performance dramatically. When you need it’s more advanced debugging features, you’ll wish you’d installed it then!

VS Code is only meant for Cloud / Web applications IIRC. Also, my go-to plugins like Visual Assist don’t work with it either…