Support Colmap Export

Hi Ahmad, this feature is on our internal roadmap and we are working on it.


Would love this feature as as well.

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Now it is almost 2 months that Postshot support importing camera poses from Reality Capture!!!

Hello Ahmad.
Could you share how it is done. I have downloaded RealityCapture and Jawset Postshot. I was able to use output from COLMAP for Postshot but struggle to find out, how i can use RC for Postshot.
Could you please explain it to me? I really dont know what to export. If you could help i would appreciate your help. Thanks!

Really great to hear the team is working on it, especially since the kapture workflow has been described a year ago in this thread - and that the black strips bug on undistorted camera export has been fixed in an earlier version, this workflow is now even simpler.