Support Chunks and World Support bug?

So I was trying to test the destruction system in UE4 with PhysX lab and i’m running into an issue where the support chunks aren’t working, i.e the mesh explodes. I have tried using world support but that didn’t work. My support depth is at 2 and I have selected the chunks I wanted to make support but it didnt help at all. My mesh just explodes when I shoot it. I am using the FPS sample.
My DM: New Destructible(2)

Hi AemonBarz,

Thank you for the feedback. The support chunks and world support for the Destructible Mesh system is a known issue that our developers are currently looking into. If this is something you would like to see take priority, please vote for Destruction Improvements on our road map.

Thanks, TJ

Yes please fix this (I voted), it will enable the ability to create awesome game mechanics.