Support changing scale resolution in mobile


In Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation I see how to change the Resolution Scale.

However this does not work in mobile, after seeing it does not have any effect in my device I figured out because I spoted these lines in Engine:

I see in SceneView.cpp these lines:

// Not supported in ES2.
		auto FeatureLevel = Family->Scene->GetFeatureLevel();
		if(FeatureLevel == ERHIFeatureLevel::ES2 || FeatureLevel == ERHIFeatureLevel::ES3_1)
			FinalPostProcessSettings.ScreenPercentage = 100.0f;

Is it possible to support this? It would be nice for lower devices

Or it is related to the different rendering path it takes in mobile? (ie, do you need deferred rendering for doing this?)

Hi Dredok,

Thank you for your request, we will take this into consideration.

What you want to do is set the r.MobileContentScaleFactor CVar in your DeviceProfiles. This way, you can have different resolutions based on the device type, not for all devices.

There is a DeviceProfile editor in the editor, or you can manually edit your DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini file.


That’s interesting but it’s really HARD for me (solo-dev) to figure out how will perform my game on all android devices. So it would be nice to let the user to change this in runtime to adjust to its device!

Besides this, the submission would be harder … I should send several apks based on this parameter for every different device? I dont know if google play could even handle this :frowning: