[SUPPORT] Assets from Vault don't appear

Hi all,

Sorry if the following topic has already been discussed in the past.

I bought some content in the Marketplace. Issue is that I didn’t checked the supported engine versions before buying the stuff… (not super clever, I know…)
My project is running on 4.14 and I don’t really want to update to a new version. I tried to do so but some bits of my game got really weird… So I’d rather stay on 4.14 for the time being.

Thing is that I really want to use the content I bought so I tried to force adding the content upon my project. (in the Vault, you can “force” adding content)
I did that and my content is not appearing in the editor… The folders are there but all empty. The stuff is appearing in the Windows folders but not inside the editor…

Is there any way to solve this? Any help would be very much appreciated!