[SUPPORT] ArchViz User Interface

Please ask any questions regarding the ArchViz User Interface in this thread here.](

Download Demo Project (Build 585MB) This is the full demo scene that comes with the project.

ArchViz User Interface Feature Overview. This is an overview of all interface features.

Quick Start User Guide. This should cover everything that you need to know to use the interface in a new project. [HR][/HR]Common questions:

I can’t move around in the scene:

  • Make sure the **GameMode Overwrite **in the World Settings is set to SDotGameMode.
  • Go to the example project and copy the file ArchVizUserInterface/Config/DefaultInput.ini into the folder MyNewProjectName/Config/. Then restart the editor and launch the project again.

Can I use this for VR?

  • The short answer is No. For VR with a headset interfaces which live on the screen as a post process (like this one) are not recommended. You would need to have a 3D object in the scene where the interface is projected onto. It’s possible to do this but I stopped the development because of the many problems VR with a headset causes at the moment (sickness, additional costs, additional hardware needed, lack of quality)