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found an interesting bug the attack aria no disappear

if i put the units from jungle raid thei not work

Hi, so does the counter attack work as you want it now?

The attack area display is a bit bugged at the moment, I know. Sorry about that. I recommend disabling it for the time being.

The grenade ability (and other abilities in Jungle Raid) assume that your Grid Manager and Units have some components. If you want to use those animations unmodified you’ll need to add the stealth and cover system components to the grid manager and stealth and ability components to your units.

no not inportet if i put the chek the melle unit respond to range. is need to add this chec in other BP.

hou to add the hill and granede only to other unit?

If you need to use the range check in other abilities then you’ll also need to add it to them, yes. If you have lots of different attack abilities it might be better to add it as a function to BP_Ability so that you don’t have to duplicate your code so much.

If you want to add an ability to a specific unit you can add it to the Abilities array in the AbilitySystem component on that Unit.

In your estimation, would it b a lot of work to implement a waypoint system, rather than simply letting the navmesh find the shortest path? I would still want to use the navmesh pathfinding but be able to decide that I want my character to walk behind something rather than in front where it can be spotted. What would be your assessment?

Hey, not sure if I follow. ATBTT does not use the UE4 navmesh at all, but a custom pathfinding system. Is this what you mean by navmesh or do you mean the default UE4 navmesh? If you’re using my pathfinding setup you might want to look at the AI in the Sprint ability, where the AI prioritizes moving to tiles that have cover. Moving to tiles where they aren’t spotted would probably rely on similar logic.

Yes, I meant the built-in system. I was thinking of something along the lines of shift-click adds a waypoint and just a click marks the final point. I’m interested in adapting your system so that planning is recorded, but all actions are executed at the same time. Anyway, thanks for the feedback

Ok, so the UE5 early access is out and conversion from UE4 seems to be pretty seemless. From the limited testing I have done ATBTT seems to be working fine with one exception. Queueing multiple actions in a row that have no delays in them (and so deactivates instantly) is sometimes interpreted by UE5 as an infinite loop, even if this is not the case. The following change will prevent this issue from occuring:

I’ll continue to be testing ATBTT in UE5 and will try to make sure that converting is hassle free.

Ok, I see. Let me know if you run into any difficulties.

New version is live! This one is not a huge refactor like the last one, but it adds several new features, as well as fixing bugs and tweaking several things. Major changes are listed below. For a more complete list, see my Trello.

v3.1 (live 28.05.21)

  • Demo map demonstrating several toolkit feaures, including adding new ones, including:
    • Moving platforms
    • Traps
    • Destructible tiles
    • Ladders
  • Updated visuals for Advanced abilities
  • Example map demonstrating spawning units and assigning units to clients
  • “External action component” that lets you do action-style logic in separate actors.
  • Capsule component added to BP_Unit, used for debugging to show the unit’s grid location (in the game logic). Can also be used to allow for game logic requiring unit collision outside of actions.
  • Fixed several bugs related to spawning units at runtime
  • Improved responsiveness of hover events
  • Lots and lots of tweaks and minor fixes (see Trello for details)
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How does one update an existing project with this updated version?

There is no simple way to do this, unfortunately. For smaller hotfixes you can create a new project, search for the comment boxes marked with the update version and port those changes over to your own project.

For larger updates like this, though, I generally recommend that people create a fresh ATBTT project and move over the things you have changed in your own project to this new one manually. If you are far along in your project this might be impractical, and it is up to you to weigh the costs/benefits in that case.

On updated version is error after i use the video homm the widget stop working. i try step by step from video 3 times and the same error, add video 2021-06-03 20-39-51.mkv - Google Drive

Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t had the time to test this out yet as it will require me rebuilding the HoMM project. I’ll let you know when I’ve found the solution and will update the video description.

Thank you very much for your project and support

Okay, so I finally had the time to follow all of the steps of my tutorial again, and it seems to work correctly in my project. So I’m guessing you must have made some small mistake when trying to reproduce my code. It is hard for me to know exactly what has gone wrong, though. This is a completely new, unmodified version of ATBTT, right? When you follow the tutorial, can you identify the point at which things no longer behaves like in the video? That might help me narrow down what the problem might be.

i copied my blueprint from old project and work for of my bigest problem is how to do a return atack check range for every unit separate. i try the instruction from image wath you send but or all unet respon or not respon. and secon big problem is how to add a custom atack type and 3/4 type of atack (melee range heal resureck splash). if you have time can give more detalyad instruction please.

Hi Monokkel,
Thanks for an awesome product! I’m starting on a project and need to get the AI to move to a series of waypoints (rather than moving and attacking the player) and am having trouble getting it to work. The AI moves next to the waypoint and stops but never moves onto the waypoint thus triggering the next waypoint.

As I write this, I think I realize the silly mistake I’m making lol. Anyway, thanks again for a great product and your youtube tutorials, they’re a great jumping off point!

P.S. It would be great if you could do a quick tutorial on the AI and/or abilities!

Ok, those are many different things. Perhaps try to focus on one at a time? Could you choose one of those features and describe how exactly you want it to work in game?

Hi there, glad you figured it out for yourself! I agree that the ability system is perhaps the part of the toolkit that most warrants some new tutorials. Life has been especially busy these last weeks, but making tutorials on abilities is high on my list when I get the time to make new ones.

Ok, those are many different things. Perhaps try to focus on one at a time? Could you choose one of those features and describe how exactly you want it to work in game?
The return atack of range unit take the range from parameter and if more li distanse hi respond. and is not inport wath faction is unit. thank you.