[SUPPORT] Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

Ok, I’m going to list every change you need to make.

BP_PlayerController_ATBTT, BP_AbilitySystem, BP_Ability, BP_Ability_MoveAttack, BP_Unit (in two places for this one).

Unit switching logic is set up in the abilities you are using. In the example map, BP_Ability_MoveAttack is used, which has functionality for unit switching. You need to make one small change here to make sure you cannot switch to another unit if you do not have full AP (normally you are allowed to switch as long as you have at least 1 AP). The following nodes are in the Click comment box:

This seems to be working fine on my end, but I might not have tested thoroughly enough. If you run into problems can you give me the exact steps I need to do to replicate the problem? Tell me how many units there are, what their AI, faction and initiative settings are. What you click when etc. Send me a video if that is easier. But try to implement the stuff above first.

Edit: In other news, ladder jumping:

hi knut

I never thought I’d get so excited about a piece of a ladder, splendid work!!!

P.S. does the spline path not visible on the up side(the ladder) is Deliberately? or its a problem to make it visible Continuously?

Thanks, there is actually very little here that cannot be set up easily with the toolkit available in the launcher. Just use AddEdgeBothWays between the top and bottom tiles and you’re already there as far as pathfinding is concerned. The trick is getting the movement to look good, and this is a half-way WIP of that. The split spline path is deliberate. If I simply draw the spline between the tiles as usual, it would be quite warped. The idea is to then fill in with a custom spline or other sort of indicator in-between to signify climbing. Then it is a matter of changing how movement animates between the points. So far I’ve used a placeholder jump animation, but @Bankworthy has generously offered to make me a climbing animation, so in the next update there will hopefully be proper ladder climbing functionality included.

Yes, I can see that when you will have a climbing animation, you will have to play with small matches so that the animation Will match the ladder mesh location accurately .
As for spline path, I think it is very important (and I speak only from a Visually point of view) to keep the sequence of one line (as soon as there is a break or any other sign instead its grabs the eye of the player in a negative way). I might have been using a curve table just for the part of up/ down spline path to give the spline the right curve.

anyway great work!

Nice work on the ladder Monokkel, can’t wait for next update. I have been working on a fog of war all in blueprints from here:…-render-target. If anyone is interested here is a link for a quick tutorial : Dropbox - FogOfWar_Tutorial - Simplify your life
Sorry pdf only…

hi skulldug

thanks you very much for the tutorial, a great help


Thanks leo bar, lots of room for improvement. I you can improve it, please let me know and I will update the tute… Enjoy and have fun !

hi skulldug

if i improve it i will sure let you know.


Not to worry, the gif was just a rough WIP. Spline display has already been fixed :slight_smile:

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

hi knut

you are a cheeky devil !! but a very fast one :slight_smile:

So I’m trying to get the unit “stats” on whatever the user mouses over into the HUD, but I’m having trouble finding where the moused-over tile change triggers. I want it so that when the mouse passes over any unit, it’ll update the info in the corner to whatever unit that was.

Hello Lachnor, I think what your looking for is in the abilities. that is where you find targets. try checking in the BP_Ability. hope that helps.

I was wondering if units have a sight and noise ranges already or do I have to add ?

I try

@Lachnor : Like Skulldug said, all abilities have a “Server Hover” and “Client display hover” event that fires whenever the player in control of the ability hovers over a new tile. This should work well for what you are doing. You would essentially use ServerHover, get the hovered tile, find the corresponding unit in BP_GridManager’s GridUnits TMap and pass the information stored in this unit to your widget. If you need more control over hover events than when you hover over a new tile you need to override some of the stuff defined in BP_AbilityBase.

@Skulldug : For the stealth system, you mean? The units do not have any variables for that. Currently the ranges are hard coded into the abilities that used them. (See ExecuteAbility in BP_Ability_Laser for an example).

Hi Knut,

Enjoying working with your toolkit. I’m trying to use the Ability System with a VR unit – it doesn’t look like you can choose from multiple abilities (move, attack) in VR gameplay the way you can in 2D gameplay. Is there a way to enable this feature, or is it something I’d need to implement on my own?


Not something that you can do without doing some modification, but not terribly difficult to do. I’ve experimented with this before and it works fine. I did it by adding a similar ability box widget to one of the motion controller meshes, but you can do anything you want as long as you make sure selecting an ability activates the appropriate ability. Check out the ability box and ability icon widgets and see how it works, and you should be able to make something similar yourself, but with different input.

hi knut

saw you are working on the jungle raid (although i have not tested it for some time) the turn problems, hope that will help you :

1 . the turn order sometimes work and sometime not, . you can get this bug show when you only move with every unit end its turn after (without any other action) and then it will loop for ever, every time.

You’re keeping a close eye on my trello, aren’t you :stuck_out_tongue: That is good to know, and not a bug I was aware of. I will test if it still happens in my internal build and fix it if this is the case. At the moment I have a more serious bug where after a while, all actions start terminating too early, skipping ahead to animations before they are finished. Likely some actions calling EndAction twice, or something like that. This should hopefully only be an issue with my internal build. In any case, I’m working on a fix.

Edit: Not saying the bug you reported is not also serious, as it is game breaking, just that it is at least conditional, while the current issue happens no matter what the player does.

yah, broke my leg so instead of sleeping at night i am keeping a close eye on your trello :slight_smile:

sorry to hear that, and hope your leg heals quickly! I’m calling it a night now, so there will be no more updates tonight, I’m afraid.

Not able to replicate this. Might of course have fixed it by accident as part of other changes. But to be sure, could you describe the problem a bit more. Is this before the enemy units have been alerted? What exactly do you mean by loop forever?