[SUPPORT] Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

Ok, thanks for elaborating. I’d say the answer to your question is yes, you can use ATBTT as a base for this. If you look at the function I have for generating the instanced static meshes that preview the grid, you are essentially looking for a (much) more complex version of that. The Grid Manager has functions for getting the correct tile location, finding adjacent tiles or tiles in a set range, finding the shortest path between tiles etc. All of these things should be useful as part of procedural generation of a Civ-style map.

When I first started using UE4 way back in 2014 I communicated a lot with another dev here called @Zeustiak. He made a super impressive Civ-style hex grid map generator. We went a lot of back and forth on finding the best ways to do instanced grids, pathfinding etc. in blueprints. It seems all the fantastic screenshots are now unfortunately gone, but there is probably still a lot you can learn from reading his thread: Map Generator 3.0 - Please Critique!