Supply drop mod issues

I’ve been trying to make a mod to change the contents of supply drops.
I have copied the TestGameMode, PrimalGameData, and map from the generic mod and renamed them. I have then linked the new TestGameMode in the setting within PrimalGameData, along with linking them both with the festival.
I have copied in one of the supply drops and modified the contents along with also remapping that in PrimalGameData.
Once this is done I can spawn the modified drop in the editor and all seems to be working.

When I cook the mod though the log shows a lot of errors involving being unable to locate assets. Once the cook is complete, only a couple of files actually show in the cooked version.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

The game mode isn’t necessary, so you can keep that as the default game mode. The level you can copy, but make sure you parent the primalgamedata_bp to the one in primal earth, do not create a child from the generic mod and do not make a copy. I find that it’s easiest to test a supply drop mod with cave crates. You can teleport in and out of the carno island cave, and just grapple hook down to the crate. That has blue and reds in it.

So to keep the default game mode I just don’t copy anything? And do I child PrimalGameData from the actual game files rather than generic mod?

Yes. I made my loot crates children of the originals, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help, I’ve managed to get all the supply drops remapped and cooked without the game crashing. Now I just have to sort out the item sets :stuck_out_tongue: