Supply Drop Loot Tables

Is it possible to change these with the ADK? Add/remove/change drop rates… etc?

Essentially what I want to do is this:

  1. Leave white supply drops unchanged.
  2. Add white supply drop contents to green supply drops, but give a higher chance of the white supplies being higher quality.
  3. Add white and green contents to blue supply drops, and so on… giving higher chances of higher quality the higher quality the container is.
  4. Individual items would be removed as the supply drops got higher and higher level so you wouldn’t get a mastercraft stone hatchet from a red container or Thatch foundations, but you could get a mastercraft phiomia saddle for instance.

Bump. Any idea?

Yes all of those things are absolutely possible. You would just have to edit the supply drop loot tables to achieve what you want.

You’re the man, thanks. I’ll try to cook this up soon if no one beats me to it.

Beat you to it! Still being worked on but MUCH better than stock loot - Steam Workshop::Better Beacons 2.0

Is that the *******’ Beacons mod? I saw that one, and am currently using it. Love it man. Love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only ask because I’m at work and can’t click the link to check myself. lol

Yes it is. Glad you like it! Still need to tweak it a bit. Add some stuff that is missing, and probably more blueprints.