Supernatural (TV Show) Fans

Hey folks!

For Learning Purposes ONLY I am working on a new project for Fun!!!
Since me and GF big fans of the TV Show - Supernatural.
I am making a Game on UE4 Inspired By Supernatural!
This wont be anything to do with Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley But will have Demons, Angels, Hunters etc…

The type of game i am planning and started work on is similar style to Grand Theft Auto
You can choose between Angel, Demon, Hunter, men of letters.

Reason i doing this is cus the love i have for the show and also I can add so many different elements to learning the engine.

Run down on characters (CHOOSE A CHARACTER)
Angels can possess People and use there body (Mesh)
Angels can only be killed by Angel blades or stunned by Holy fire
Angels can fight Melee or use there angel Blades
Angels can teleport
Angels Communicate via telepathy
Angels can see supernatural Entities

Demons can possess other characters or NPCs if they are possessable
Demons Can Turn into Smoke and hover around
Demons can only be harmed by Holy Magic, Angelic Weapons and stunned by salt
Demons Communicate by Killing someone and using there blood
Demons can see supernatural entities

Hunters have access to all weapons
Hunters can drive vehicles
Hunters Communicate via phones
Hunters can see supernatural entities via gadgets.

Quests and talents and all will be a big part of this project.
GTA / Hack n Slash / RPG / Action
Gonna be a mixed genre and good for learning this engine!

At the moment I got the plans down.
I am thinking of using a Player controller and Parent Blueprint And child blueprint classes
Since planning has to be Spot on i am thinking of using BP Interfaces, gameplay tags and Function/ Macro Librarys
To handle all the different Features for the character designs.

If you like the idea of this Let me know
Give feedback on programming, designing, Idea for this game! :smiley:

This is all for Learning Project and you never know if i actually complete it and send over to the TV Company
They might actually like it.
But Any feedback always a plus from you guys/gals

The working Project name is Garden of Eden!


The missions/Quests you gotta do depends on your class. You got main mission or even side missions
Hunters gets called up or goto a hunters place to get missions
Demons Get called via Blood spell and Angels via Soundwaves! :smiley:
Hunters gotta kill different types of monsters where as demons and angels have there own agenda
Angels have to smite people where as demons Kill to cover the tracks for the king of hell etc… :smiley:

Very cool concept! I might suggest allowing you to somehow switch between classes, or give the main story a lot of replay value so that the different missions don’t feel too isolated depending on your class. Either that or you could be in a party so that you’d be able to cover multiple missions. In any event, I would recommend finding ways to make the player comfortable trying out all the different play styles before settling with one they like the most.

As for programming, while I can’t say I’m truly an expert, I’ve somehow managed to get by without Parent/Child Blueprints, Tags and BP Interfaces. I’ve mostly made use of Actor Components and Function Libraries instead and it works great. I guess it depends on your preferences.

Nice concept. I love the series too.

Add Vampires too.
It would be cool if you add Ghosts and Rock salt can be used on them.

Few suggestions for gameplay:
Boss battles with different monster types:
Vampire boss, Roogaru, Shape shifter, Wraith etc.

Regular monsters to farm resources.

Hi all working hard on it in spare time but a lot to cover atm :slight_smile: working on demons and physics haha peace out

Hi its been a while, Been on a break cus laptop GPU started over heating
So been Playing a Lot on PS4 more.

But I am gonna Restart this project very soon.
I am waiting on my RTX 3080 GPU and then i can start working on this.

Also Hoping for UE5 as i can start work on next gen Graphics.
With the latest features we can do a lot now and UE makes it easier.
Hopefully this will be something special especially the show has finished.

Wont have any affiliation with the show, writers and Maker Erik Kripke
But it will share ideas from the show.

I think you might want to decrease your scope s little bit it’s great that you have big ideas, but it sounds like a huge amount of work fo tackle on your own.

For example, maybe for bow just have two factions eg humans and demons.

Hi Jwyuen, hows the project coming along/ do you have further updates?
Supernatural is an awesome show and the idea of trying to make a game inspired by it sounds “awesome” (as Dean would say).
I would love to know if you are looking for help with art work and character art, Im currently working on a Supernatural inspired character currently and found your project by searching the name, very curious to know if you would be up for talking about this project.