SuperJump Cooldown

I’m a huge noob and I just started my project and I made a Super Jump but I don’t know how to put a cooldown on it. Any help is appreciated!

I’d create a bool That when false you can do the action… When you press the button if it’s false it sets true… Does action at the end of the chain it delays… Then sets false again.

Key press e>branch>can jump>set can jump false>jump>delay>set can jump true.

I’d look into using timers. Same basic approach that Inph1del mentions, but timers are a bit more versatile if you decide you want to reset the cooldown in the middle or stuff like that. Also, useful for lots of other things so it’s good to learn to use them.

Jumps I tend to use a reset on landing I know there is a turtorial out there on triple jump out there that resets number of jump on landing