SuperGenius - Classic Lasers Megathread! (FAQ, Requests, Bug Report)

** Welcome to the SuperGenius Classic Lasers Megathread! **

We felt it best to create a single, comprehensive thread that hopefully answers any questions that you might have about our pack. It’s best to have an open conversation about our products so we can continue to create high-quality content with the best support. With that, we encourage everyone that purchases our packs to give us feedback; whether it’s a feature request, bug report or a general use inquiry.

While this thread is still developing take a look at this handy video breakdown is located here: UEM SG ClassicLasers on Vimeo

As we receive more feedback, I will update this original post with additional FAQs, in progress updates and bug fixes.

In the mean time, if you haven’t checked out our packs yet, please head on over to the Marketplace and take a gander. We’re just getting started and have some great stuff planned for the future. Thank you everyone for your interest and we look forward to starting this conversation.

Link to the Classic Lasers pack on the web version of the Unreal Marketplace: ComingSoon

I bought this. the blueprints aren’t too complicated so at first i thought “should I have just done this myself for the price?”. And the answer is NO… cuz then I tried it out. Not sure exactly how long it would take me to get the effects and everything to look like these ones, but either way it’d be way more time than I’d want to invest considering what I value my own hourly rate at lol. It literally does exactly what it says and shows in the video. It looks good. The phaser blast is pretty awesome. The effects look sweet. The blueprints are nice and customizable with easy defaults. Change colour, size etc. Simply spawn the blue print when you want to use it. Can’t get much simpler to implement than this.

Good stuff. Priced well, would recommend. You know… if you need lasers for something :slight_smile:

Wow thanks thankstipscom! That makes me so happy! :smiley:


I bought this, and i like how it looks, but there is a few issues:
issue 1) i have a huge framerate drop with using the phasers
issue 2) a lot of the configuration is set in the constructor and never updated later on, for example if i want to
change the range of the phaser, it doesn’t have any effect to change the range variable.

Any plans to update for 4.10? I know it was just released. Thanks.

Hi, very cool project. Iis a chance for tutorial about how to hook it into a weapon? Thx!

Ok, this is cool, but now I have a cool laser flying around…

I want to use the laser and I want it to be flying slowly. So I can not use a “instant hit line trace”… any idea? How do I do collision? Can you help me, please?


Nevermind. I just spawn an additional projectile with the same transform and velocity. Works fine!

Hi Multi, included with the package should be the first person blueprint with the lasers hooked up to it. You should be able to open the “FirstPersonCharacter” blueprint to see how it is constructed. Here is a screenshot if you have difficulties finding it.


Do you mean to be able to change the range of the phaser during gameplay? As for the frame rate loss, that is probably being caused by the dynamic lights I attached to the beam to make it case light along its length. You should open the ClassicPhaser_BP and remove them, here are two screenshots showing you everything you should delete from the blueprint. Including the 3 highlighted light components on the left.


Hope that helps!

Thank you for help i will try again soon.

Any futures on the way?

Will this work with hitscan instant hit style weapons?

Hey TK-Bear,

You would need to tie that into your own weapon behavior blueprint. I did start creating a raytrace to create the end location for the beam particle, but it is incomplete, and currently looks odd as the angle of the beam changes from the barrel to the hit location based off distance. The current laser particle system registers collision in the Cascade system, which would not be the way you would want it to register for gameplay feedback.

What do you mean by futures?

Hey Everyone,

I regret to announce that we are removing this and a couple of our other packages from the Unreal Marketplace. We simply do not have the resources necessary for a full-time support team.

Anyone who has already purchased this pack will still have access to it, but the package will no longer be supported, advertised, or available for new purchases on the store. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding in this.

Best regards,
-SG Team

does this asset really require support?

I was able to modify it fire multiple lasers and phasers at once, I pretty much rebuilt all of the root functions to make them more customizable, changed the looks and sizes all within 2-3 hours of buying it.
It’s put together well enough that basic - mid level blueprint understanding would be able to use this and not require support.

Ah well.