Super Station- powered by Super Grid

I really have been enjoying Super Grid and started blocking out a basic train station. I found it very easy to not only create a station within a reduce amount of time but I was also able to model a bunch of props just by using the primitives provided in the asset pack. The scene is 100% done in engine no outside resources except Super Grid Asset Pack from the marketplace, so the ticket booth, gates, pipes, benches, trash cans, ventilation system, train tracks are all primitives. I probably will do a few more props and then start replacing the textures with substances to get a better realistic feel for how the environment progress is coming along. The best part is i have used over 400 static meshes and my frame rate is still at 120fps. Lastly i need to give credit to Rama, I wouldn’t have been able to build the props easily without utilizing his vertex snap, and instanced mesh plug in. So thanks to zeOrb and Rama for making unreal even more fun then it already was :slight_smile: