SUPER slow shader compilation

Hey guys,

we are new to unreal and use it to set up a live broadcast studio for live streams with realtime rendered background and tracked cameras.
So far so good, unreal is super fast for our needs and we are really happy with the quality. We are glad that we chose Unreal for this type of production.

Only thing that is really annoying and time-consuming is building up materials.

I don’t know why but every time I change something in a material it freezes for 20 seconds at least, when saving the material the freeze is even worse and I have to wait sometimes minutes for a simple material with only one vector3 in the diffuse channel. (Apply changes to original material and its use in the world).
I know that you can promote parameters and use it directly in a material instance but that would be the most unintuitive way to build-up materials.
I also deactivate “Live Preview” so I can change parameters in realtime, but I have to save the shader every time I did a connection or used a new node.
It’s almost impossible to learn the shader system with its nodes fast, when every change you make takes 20 seconds or longer.

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

We have pretty fast dual xeon machines with 48 Threads, 64 GB of Ram, and several 1080TIs.
I tried everything, even on my laptop with a pretty good single-core performance the saving of the material takes 10-20 seconds.
Btw. I searched for 3 days now in the internet, could not find any working solution for this problem. I also installed several unreal versions, same same.

I appreciate any help
Cheers Daniel

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		Well, a material instance is your best speed up here. Use it as much as you can. It kinda is how it suppose to be, we could only hope that this will be in ue5 better.
		You could try out [Incredibuild]( It's designed to speed up compile, build time, shader compiling, and even material changes.
		Check it out, it should help. Hope it helps :)