Super-simple feature suggestion: Deactivate checkbox on nodes

Hi there,

it would be really helpful, if execution nodes had a single ‘deactivated’-checkbox in the upper right corner or somewhere else. This way, we could easily temporarily ‘outcomment’ one or more nodes without having to disconnect and reconnect them each time.

BTW: It would be also great if execution wires could snap together when deleting one or more node with Shift+Delete instead of breaking the flow. (If you are using a text-based programming language, all further lines will executed like before if you delete a single line)

Many thanks,

Hi ,

Thank you for the feature requests. The first one you mentioned has already been suggested and has been entered in our system. I updated it to show that other users are interested.

I also see how your second request could be handy, so I entered it as a feature request as well.

We will post back here with updates as we have them.



Many thanks, TJ.

Hi there,

any updates on this (also see [Question] Disable Blueprint's nodes? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums from 2014)?

The ability to disable blueprint nodes was implemented in 4.11 as an experimental feature. It’s still experimental in 4.13.1 until the dev has time to completely test the feature. Here is how to activate it.

Also, here is the Feature Request for deleted nodes to snap together. It’s UE-12271.

Hello TJ,
thank you, this could really be very helpful (a simple checkbox would be faster than a context menu entry but this is really a step into the right direction). Thank you.