Super (PAC) Man mini game

Just for the shake of learning UE4, and specially blueprint, for the last 4 day´s after work, I´ve been doing a Pac Man clone with some custom assets and some assets from the starter pack.


So far I´m learning tons of stuff. I don´t plan to add many more features/assets because I want to keep it simple, I´ll probably do something with the environment and UI though. I´ll try to get it done by the end of the week and make a video :slight_smile:

Here´s a quick tease from the gameplay intro

Even though my modelling skills are very limited… I´ve started to model and add some meshes to my mini game.

Here´s what I did today (still very very wip) Any thoghts?


That’s really awesome.

You should make pellets a metaphor for collecting unlimited corporate donations technically segregated from the Superman legal entity but tacitly used to further its political agendas. Then it’d be a triple pun.


thanks guys :slight_smile:

I think my mini game is pretty much done. I´ll try to wrap it up in a video today :slight_smile:


I made a final video and post :slight_smile:

check it out here!