Super Metroid UE4

Hey Everyone,

I've been working on a Super Metroid remake myself for a bit now, started back last year with UE3 but lacked the programming skills to really put together how I wanted the camera to work (match SM as much as possible) so once I got UE4 and started playing with blueprints I thought I should try it again as I would have a much better time at getting what I wanted from the camera and perhaps, even majority of the game done.

I wanted to wait quite a bit longer to post anything but figured why not, get some feedback while I’m starting early :). I posted a video of my recent work so far, all using placeholder rock models to visualize better and experiment with DOF a bit. The camera system is pretty close to 100% and the transitions to each level are very close to being done if not there already. I have some really cool ideas I would love to do with this just finding the time and working on my knowledge. I’ll be updating as often as I can here!

Looking forward to your feedback!

Wow this is really really good!

The actual level assets do remind me of the original metroid a lot, and I like your sparkling cave material!

Your camera work is fabulous, and area transitions have a nicely styled look to them!



Thanks Rama!

Yeah I took a rock asset from the cave demo and just laid it out pretty close to how the level in super metroid is. My main goal is to handle all of the core stuff, camera, items, etc etc then start really building out all the custom models for the levels. Might take some time as I’m learning blueprints/the engine while I do this and some things I have no idea how I am going to do them yet haha.

That is awesome. The Crateria caves look like you put the original Super Metroid in a time machine and brought it into the present. You definitely hit the atmosphere of the SNES title.

Very cool stuff here! I like the room transition portals. If anyone is remaking NES/SNES games with UE4, then I want to check it out.

Thanks guys!

Once I get some other mechanics in place and working well enough I’m going to be doing the first few areas of Crateria again with custom models and go from there. Surely will take quite a few months with my knowledge of blueprints slowly building and free time I have but very much will be an ongoing project.

Hey man, real nice work! I dig it!

Hey everyone!
Long time no see! project is far from dead of course but I have been traveling quite a bit and have another month of being busy but I am making progress during this time, just this week I figured out turning into the ball mode and back to Samus with my setup and everything is working perfectly. few tweaks and transition effects would be needed but the main function works great. Will continue to post updates and I can start hitting this heavy in a few more weeks.

I’ll see if I can get a video here shortly just to track progress and show everyone.

Very excited to see more of your project UTitanXSI! Keep up the great work!

Nice camera work, keep it up!

Hey Everyone,
Tweaked quite a few things over the weekend and have a update video up now.

Still quite a bit to tweak but looking at what is next to get done, likely projectiles. Let me know what you think.

This looks awesome! How did you get the ball working? Did you switch characters? Or did you do it within the one character blueprint?

Thanks Tanka2d,
Took me a bit to get it but it’s pretty simple, I have the default “MyCharacter” blueprint, another blueprint for the ball itself and a custom player controller. In my PC I pretty much have when I hit a key it spawns the ball, posses it and destroys the other character blueprint.

This thread is so full of pure win. I LOVED Super Metroid back then and this project brings back alot of good old memories.
Really good job so far, especially with the camera work and the morphing ball feature.

It’s really great to see things like this. I am looking forward to see more updates in the future mate!

WOW! looks great, I’d play it :smiley:

Thanks guys! Making some progress, will be getting some more updates here within the next few weeks.

Hey Everyone!
Been awhile! Been pretty busy lately and I was stuck on quite a few things with the project but I’ve made some big progress in the last week and a half and wanted to get an update video up here. listed the changes in the description. Let me know what you think!

Looking really good! You’ve made some good progress.

The third update is impressive.
I’m in love with the " ball morphing " XD Anyway you should fix a little the physics of the jumps. It takes too long before he landing again.
Keep doing the good work!

Can’t wait to play it, keep up the great work!