Super Metroid style camera

Hello! I’m trying to set up our camera to work like it does in this video.

Currently our camera is locked to the player no matter how it moves so it follows for every jump etc. I would like to have it set up to not follow up or down unless it moves beyond a certain point or “bounding box” like the video. I’ve attached a screenshot of our current camera set up. I wasn’t happy with the spring arm on the default character so I spawned a camera based on that camera’s location to give us more freedom with camera angles and follow/sway. It works well except for the bounds that I want to set up for up and down following.

Any help or tips you could provide would be appreciated!



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I would love to figure out how to set a camera “volumn” that it must stay inside of… I also need this for our 2d game world map. I don’t want the camera go beyond our world map bounds…

Any luck on this ??

Hello I am currently working on a solution to this. I am thinking that the camera will have to be hooked up in a blueprint ofc. The trick is to have that blueprint follow the player. So I have been thinking maybe set it up kind of like an AI where the camera tracks and follows the player and is locked to either the X or Y. Hopefully I am successful in this and if I am I will share what I did and how I did it.

I have made a Metroid like camera system and if anyone wants to know how to do it email me at: . It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to get you up and running.