Super Metroid Blueprint Project

Hey guys! I have some cool updates!
New Features:
-Adaptative Collision
-Door Transition
-Room Generator
Project Files - Download
-Arrow keys to move.
-q-w-e to shoot and aim.
Or use a gamePad; D-pad to move, left and right face button to shoot/jump and right trigger/sjoulder to aim.

Skip to 1:50 for Door Transition and to 3:57 for Room Generator Overview.

While you’re here, make sure to check out my Match-3 Framework Project on the Trello board and give it some love!
Match-3 Blueprint - Trello Board

-Outdated -
Super Metroid Blueprint- First Preview
This is entirely made with Blueprints. I’ll keep posting updates as I progress.

I was getting started with a Metroidvania type game and got sidetracked a little bit. I have a strong mind to keep messing around with this and possibly make Samus fight Castlevania or Megaman X boss’ for fun.
Who would you like to battle with Samus?
And what Metroidvania game did you feel had the best control/movement scheme?


-Wall Jump
-Ridley - Fireball/Charge

Wow this looks great, awesome progress. Has their been any struggles doing this through blueprints?

Super Metroid, Fusion, and Prime are probably in my top 5, I think Super Metroid controls still hold up.

Thanks for checking it out!
Yeah the controls in Super Metroid still feel really tight today. I never realized how many frames they were using until I started working on this. I skipped some turning frames and I just flipped my Flipbook for the left side for now :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t really run in any troubles with the Blueprints. Everything works and feels pretty much like in Super Metroid. I tweaked a few things but not much.

Once I’m done I figure that I will give away the project for the people to A) Mess around with Samus B) Blueprint knowledge

P.S I also have Super Metroid in my top 5 list, definitely!

Wow, this looks really great! Are you planning to implement all of the games features (room transitions, elevators, subscreens, etc.)? I can see this being really useful for anyone wanting to make Metroid fangames (and there are a lot of those).

I didn’t really plan on spending a whole bunch of time on this so the short answer is no. I wasn’t planning on implementing features beyond movement and basic actions. But as mentioned above, I am willing to share the files and perhaps work in collaboration with other developers to implement the features in their entirety. As you mentioned, I can see this as being really cool for fan base or even as a reference for Metroidvania Projects.

I’ll upload the files probably tonight or tomorrow with a bit of documentation or video to explain it.
Ultimately, I’d love for this to end up having the full features of Super Metroid and to see what the community would create with that.

Most features would be easy to implement. The one feature that I am concerned with is the scan mechanic. I’m not too sure how that would be handled in the Material editor or how else.

Nice progress, Mortusnyte.

I tried to do the same back when Epic just released the 2D Implementation as Experimental and it had a couple of issues, so that I couldn’t get that far at all.

IMO, a Super Metroid Remake or Fan Project with UE4 would be really cool. The only Metroid game after Super Metroid, which I enjoyed so far, was Metroid: Other M. Haven’t had the chance to play any of the handheld device Metroid Games so far.

Maybe we can combine your past progress and further this work :slight_smile: I like community projects.

Haha, yeah I remember there being a super in-depth Gamemaker community project involving recreating Metroid (Fusion?), I don’t think they’ve got scanning to work either but they managed to do almost everything else. I was also surprised about the amount of frames because of that arm cannon! It’s been awhile since I’ve tried any 2D stuff (was also having errors in the earlier versions of UE4, around 4.1)

It’s awesome that you are planning to release this project for free, I hope you can replace the sprites in the near future so that you can sell it on the marketplace to support more updates/additions!

I started this Project with the intentions to create a Metroidvania type game framework for the Market place.

The major function of the framework would involve the incorporation of adjustable features such as;
-Character handling: Navigation, Aiming/Targeting and Stats
-Enemy unit(s) with settings like Range or Melee attacks and Navigation options I.E Mobile or Stationary.
-Weapon types I.E. Range or Melee, Strength and Weakness vs Types, Dmg values, Aoe or Target, Trajectory behaviour.
-Items like health or ammo pickups and with Power Up functions
-Level Design tools to place scalable structures like walls, platforms and more.
-Character and Level progression
-Extra: Map, Night/Day counter, Inventory, Buy/Sell NPC

But as witnessed, Super Metroid holds a dear place in my heart, and I had to quench that desire :stuck_out_tongue: It’s definitely fun to get started with an all time’s best as reference.

That scanner thing is going to become a personal challenge…

This looks awesome! :smiley:

Sidetracked Story
Hey guys. I have a short update on the project that was made mostly for giggles and laughs. I was contemplating on releasing this project version to the public now because I was going to wipe most of the content to have a clean slate for the final version.
What this means is that there won’t be a Ridley and company in the final or upcoming versions so if you guys wanted to play with that or see some of their functions this version is the only one that will have them. I’ll get this version ready by tonight with another video to go over it.

Ultimately, in the final version I want to have a functional Samus that can navigate at her base capacities. I also want to have a Door Blueprint system that when dropped in the world form the Editor will spawn a room of specified size. This will probably be X Sprites snapped together to create a room. This way people will be able to quickly get in and set a game world for Samus.

Anything beyond that I will see in time. but from there it would be nice have other community members pitch in.
It shouldn’t be very long before the final version is ready. Maybe at the beginning of next week.

Added feature: High Jump Power Up

heh just noticed when Samus dies her sprite is rotated the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha awesome update, lots of progress already, hope you keep pushing it.

Make sure to get the Project files that I uploaded to get your hands on the Awesome Sprite Generator! It’s free!
It has all been added to the #1 Post!

New Blueprint
This one is going to grow and evolve a lot. Many Functions will be added to it.

Sprint Boost preview

THis is looking really cool and it definitely fits with what I think would be cool to see on the market place. More complete game examples that pull from existing games as a base.

One thing I do note is that as a level designer, my concern is not to have complex geometry with configurable parts. Honestly all I want is some tiles I can drag into the scene even if it means hand placing them all I dont care about that. I never feel that the building of geometry to be the bottleneck its more about deciding what I need and how to make it play properly that is slow. Build stuff is usually extremely fast once I know what I need.

Thanks for the feedback! It is always nice to hear the point of view form experienced artists.

I’m still debating just how to approach this from a Market’s perspective but I’ve got a few ideals. The challenge really is to find a way to give the user what he wants without having too much excess baggage. In that regard I think that multiple packages could be better suited rather then one big package. But I’ve not reached that decisive point yet and still have a lot of testing to do. Once I establish just how features will be activated and deactivated, I’ll be able to better gauge the prospect.

Any opinion regarding bigger or smaller packages? Now that I think about it, without Subcategories in the Market, releasing 3-5 related packages seems overwhelming. 1 big package could always be priced with the philosophy that the user will only use a certain % of the features. That sounds reasonable, it allows the user to pay for what he uses while reaching to a wider audience. Well, there is still plenty of time to consider all of that.

At any rate, I am glad that this has sparked some interest.
Keep the good vibes going!

I’m glad someone took the time to check it out! I made it public to try and help others, so I’m definitely going to answer your question.

Luckily, Flipbooks inside the Blueprint graphs have a lot of available information that we can pull off. For example, I can easily set a Flipbook, Get Flipbook Length, plug the return node form that into a delay and then Set Flipbook again. This would play a Flipbook, and then set the next specified Flipbook upon completion of the first. You can get the specific Frame at which a Flipbook currently is at. You can Set Playback Position to start playing the Flipbook at a specific frame. Here is the Flipbook context result inside of BP

With that said, there still is a lot to fix regarding Samus’ animation as it stands, but I’m not too worried about that for the moment, or probably any time soon for that matter.

I’m not entirely sure if that is the information you were looking for. Otherwise my enums get set in the top most section of the BP, Crouch Look, Diagonal Up Look, Diagonal Down Look and Look Up.
And then of course a whole bunch of branch and booleans also help determine which flipbook should be set. The entire Samus BP is quite complex I must admit, and would require a substantial amount of effort to fully understand it.

What I could do is create a tutorial in which I would set a few animations like look up, crouch and jump? Perhaps it would be easier to understand from there. Ask and I will serve!

Ah you don’t need any tutorials! Sorry to disappoint in that regard. I didn’t plan out the animation aspect (or much of Samus’) to be very refined. It was meant as a reference or foundation for a more Market oriented project.
But I do love Super Metroid, so there is a chance that the project will see more refined versions in the future. In which case I will consider your approach, thank you for sharing that! And pretty sweet game by the way, Super Smash Ponies, great ideal :wink:

Now maybe you can answer me a question: As a 2D Game Developer, what kind of Blueprint Projects would you be more inclined towards(if you were to consider the Market Blueprint assets)?