Super Mario 64 - The castle

Im working on a little project, where Im going to recreate the castle from Super Mario 64. Heres some pictures:


Recreating the old charme of a game (: Looking forward to it like i said at fb!

PS: We really need that Spoiler Tag!

Yeah, sometimes Im thinking if I should do it :stuck_out_tongue:
Heres some editor-images:

[Updated images on first post]

This is looking awesome so far, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thanks Adam :slight_smile:

[Updated images on first post]

Im finally done with the first part of the castle. :slight_smile:

Curious why you don’t just screenshot it instead of taking a picture with camaera?

Those was just pictures I had right then. I guess I was lazy at that moment :slight_smile: Will post screenshots from the editor later today.

May i delete your unused Posts “[Updated images on first post]”? (:

Sure, no problem. I will post images and videos in the following post.
Here is the finished heightmap outside of the castle, ready for texturing:

Heres the textured version. Very simple meshes blocked out:

I have set myself a goal. By using the 3 year student-licence of 3Ds Max I`m going to try to make a working clone of Super Mario 64. I already have the outsidelevel blocked out and now I will start on the inside of the casle. Im also going to make the HUD in UMG. I found out that my deadline is until 31. May 2017.

Trees placed out :slight_smile:





Water almost done. Thanks to DotCams amazing watersystem.


Sorry for the late update, but this project is stopped due to modelingproblems. But I will start on a new remake-project that isnt so complicated :slight_smile:

So you mean this roof?’s_Castle-Overview-_Super_Mario_64.png

Can you show me exactly where you got a problem with the topology? I use Blender though, but that shouldn’t be a problem here.
(: Maybe i can help you setting up the roof.

PS: Looking at the picture i posted, i would say you can split the whole castle in some parts. The front with the Peach Symbol is one mesh,

The tower in the Middle is one Mesh and the rest is one.

If you can’t get it done, you could send me the .fbx and i would have a look at the roof.

PSS: Here are some more reference pics, just for me, so can compare it better with your work:

Yeah, that roof :slight_smile: If you have time to help, it would be nice.

:smiley: So please provide me with a picture of the problem.

The problem is the window over the doorentrance.
I cant find a way to patch it up to the roof thing that leads
to the middletower.

I can tell you by looking at this screen, that they made a second object for that. It is just moved into the roof.