Super High Ball - 3D Pinball Plate-former


My name is Michael Hunault, and I’m here to present you Super High Ball, a game that I have been working on since the last 5 years.[/SUP]

Super High Ball is a 3D Pinball Plate-former. Your goal is to beat levels like any plate-former (Mario like), but to do so, you have to use bouncers, flippers, speeds up, avoid lasers, holes and fires.
It is instant death if you hit one of the many dangers, but you will re-spawn instantly to the latest Check Point.

Sounds easy? But it is not, you are constantly fighting against the gravity, the tight timings of traps!

To help you to beat these traps, and get more control over your ball, I have give you the ability to slow down the ball for a brief amount of time! About to hit a wall of fire after kicking the ball? Just hols a button and your ball will lose velocity and stop before hitting the danger!

I hope you will stick around, as I will post more screenshots, information and announcements!
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A bit more screenshots!

More Screenshots!