Super early wip survival exploration game

Hey guys,

I just figured out how to use Shadowplay to record some decent videos of my project and figured I’d share them here! I’m only 2 weeks into the project (working on it whenever I have spare time), but I’m pretty happy with the progress so far.

The videos are recorded in editor as my PDA ui gets a bit funky in full screen as I’m not sure how to get everything scaling correctly yet.


I have running, sprinting, and jumping implemented, with animations from the Mobility MoCap Pack.

"Grabby Hands" System

This is my system to pickup and eventually manipulate certain physics based items in the game. Eventually I want to add particle animations as you’re using some sort of gravity manipulation beam to move items around. I’d also like rotation controls and such.

Inventory System

My inventory system is coming along pretty nicely. I have a base pickup class, then I have interfaces for consumable items and equippable items. The inventory is a jigsaw system, with multiple slots and each item can take 1 or more slots. Equippable items are implemented, and the struct defining them lets me specify an idle and use animation as demonstrated in the video. Consumable items just trigger an event. If you look closely, my test item does 20% damage to my player.

Storage System

The other part of my inventory system is to have items in the game that can have their own inventories I can pick items from (containers). I have the basics down, items that have inventories just implement a Blueprint interface and my player can interact with them. Switching items between containers isn’t working yet.

I know it’s not much, but I wanted to share :slight_smile: