Super-Dynamic Camera Using Blueprints?

Hey everyone,

Many of you may have played games with what I call super dynamic cameras, such as Journey and Uncharted. By super dynamic I mean that they seamlessly adapt to the players surroundings, for example, the field of view changing when looking up at the sky to make it feel more vast & realistic, or the camera automatically moving closer to the character when in a confined space. Many of these techniques are described in this youtube video, it’s a great watch for any of you who are designing a third-person camera;
So what I want to know is; can we create similar effects using blueprints in UE4? And if so, what games or videos are some good examples?

I have only ever seen a camera attached via a spring arm to the player at a fixed length, which means the camera could end up crashing into game objects and all sorts, plus it doesn’t look very interesting to the player.

Any input is welcome!

first of all the lenght of the spring arm can be changed with BP by changing the value of "arm lenght " property on the spring arm details panel,

you can also uncheck “do collision test” in the same details panel to prevent the arm lenght to get shorter when colliding with other actors .

now for you “main problem” you can think as a big (well make it the size you want ) triggerbox with your character in the middle and check if at least two object have collided with the triggerbox ,(you can go further by checking the hit location etc …), where in this case you can consider that your character is in confined space and tell to the spring arm to get shorter …

It’s not really a beautiful way but it can do the tricks, and also give you some ideas or at least an approach to solve you problem :slight_smile:

Hope this can help a little :wink:

Thanks a lot for the info, I didn’t know that you could do such things or manipulate the spring arm length! Awesome.