Super Climb Rally

Note: Game is now on steam greenlight! Please cast your vote to fellow UE4 devs :wink:

Longing for my PS4 testkit to arrive for a large project… I set myself a challenge: to make a small commercial title in 2 weeks!

Out of this idea came: Super Climb Rally.

This is day 5 and so far, I have the base race going, Firebase back-end set and working, a rough idea of the style, and a fair bit of the UI done.

The goal of the game is to race to the top of various hazardous landscapes, following roughly flags and clearing checkpoints, in the smallest time possible.

A global leader board ranks players for each level, as well as all levels aggregated.

Ideally, I’d keep adding content over time, providing more value and challenges, which feeds back in the leader board, providing a dynamic experience.

There is plenty more I’d add if it gets some traction (Multiplayer over steam, etc). This is my first driving game and I’m already quite happy with it, having a lot of fun playtesting. But there is much ‘juice’ to be added still.

If you know me, you know I stream my progress (as usual) most days on twitch and livecoding, feel free to drop by and say hi (Australian day time).

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Notes about the gamedev,

The terrain is generated from heightmap, grabbed from The other models were done in Blender from scratch, same for the materials, decals, etc. Logo designed in Photoshop using free fonts from The engine sound was hacked together from V8 engine recordings and looped properly using Adobe Audition, then hooked up via sound cues based on RPM / Speed. This is an arcade type game; although the physics are quite good, I don’t intend it to be a 4WD simulator.

Let me know your thoughts!

Today, a fair bit done. More menus, settings, score saved to Google Firebase and proper calculation of penalties (if you miss checkpoints, you get a penalty, same if you flip the car, etc.).

Afternoon was spent dealing with Firebase sorting of result which is harder than I thought it’d be (there is none).

Times get uploaded to Firebase only if its your personal best, it also knows it’s your first time.

The UI for the track selection was added as well as the UI for the result at the end of the race.

Love the font and UI!
Looking good.

Thanks @dreampunchboy!

Streaming for the day, come say hi! :cool:

I made a trailer for the game. Let me know your thoughts and share it if you like what you see!

Going on stream now, come say hi if you’re free.

Tons of bug fixes done, more track building today :slight_smile:

The game is good for two weeks work :slight_smile:
What is the other large game with a PS4 dev kit ?

Thank you :slight_smile: is a game that would be much better on consoles due to the nature of couch multiplayer.

Progress is moving along great!

Today I’ve added two new tracks. Yesterday, one due to technical difficulty (ever had a umap fail on you for no reason and can’t open it anymore? yeah, it sucks).


Note: Game is now on steam greenlight! Please cast your vote to fellow UE4 devs :wink:

Super Climb Rally on Steam Greenlight


I am pivoting this game in a new direction.

Ok so the steam feedback was really a punch in the face. Game was deemed boring and ‘generic’ racer. It had 39% Yes and the rest of No. Beyond the ego taking a hit (which is fine), the sad part is,* I have to agree with those comments.
I’m not in the market of making a boring generic game and it indeed looks like one. Although, to be fair, the trailer is from the first alpha, and in that regard was very plain.

In retrospect, I should have prepared a lot more for the steam greenlight thing. I didn’t expect the **onslaught **of angry shoppers on a personal crusade to stop potentially bad games from entering the steam market. They even use hashtags to label your game! Tired

Obviously, they’ve been bitten before and they’re really sour over it…

So, I’ve decided to **PIVOT **the game into something hopefully more exciting, and more exotic. I will reuse most of the code, throw away the assets and the maps and write a game no idiot pundit could say is generic or boring.

Overall I think this taste of steam greenlight was a good thing as it opened my eyes on the consumer market and where it stands.

Thanks for all the support so far. I know that you guys know what it takes to make a game, and those armchair critics don’t, especially by judging a game by 4 screenshot, a video and a blurb of text.

I will create a new thread for what will be a new project; And I will terminate this thread for now and link up to the new one once I have stuff to show. But it will be a racing game, it just won’t be Super Climb. :rolleyes: