[Super-Basic Question] How to sequence animation to an audio track?

Hi, I am currently embarking on my first 100% solo project in UE4 and need some help getting started. I have worked with the engine before, but I’d always have a team of specialists actually driving the design while I’d oversee and tweak. This time I want to get everything done myself :slight_smile:

My question is (probably) simple: I am creating an animation that follows an audio track. Basically, a music video - an audio track plays from start to finish and I’d like to keyframe and trigger events (move geo around, change colors, switch lights) - synchronized with the audio.

Now, I am not looking for a procedural solution, the audio will not change. I don’t need any interactivity either. All I am looking for is for a way to create a timeline (as I’d do in AfterEffects or Maya) that stays in perfect sync with the music and on which I could keyframe changes to various properties.

Could someone advise me as to where to get started? What to look for (keywords, tools)?