SunSky settings not shared via Perforce

Hello folks!

Me and my team use PErforce for Source Control, and so far everything has been working out. But recently we started using a SunSky Actor with a Directional Light (Sun) with intensity 15 lux. We added a second Directional light (Moon) and set its intensity to 1 lux. This is working perfectly fine, and when I change one of the intensities it prompts me to check out the Map.uasset and Builddata, which seems to indicate that these settings are saved in there. Anyway, after pushing it my colleagues pull it and they don’t have a moon and the sun is set to 15000 lux.

We are sharing the normal folders via SourceControl: Config, Content and Source.

If you need further information let me know. Otherwise I am thankful for any advice in this matter.

Solved it. I was only editing the SunSky Actor BP in the Engine Content folder which is not shared. Copying it to Content solved the problem.