Sunrise - stylized landscape

Hi all,
I wanted to explore a new style and get a bit deeper into Unreal. The scene is inspired by Firewatch and The Witness. Its quiet a bit since I started working on that scene but I hope you guys enjoy it. C&C welcome


I really like your palette

looks awesome really like it

Absolutely amazing!

It look, sound and feel fantastic !!! :smiley:

Beautiful… honestly! amazing!

I wanna play! Q.Q

Thanks for commenting. I created a small timelaps gif to show the progress of that scene. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Beautiful work, well done! =)

Oh, blimey!

See on Polycount, great piece of art, gg :wink:

Wow! That is really amazing! :smiley:

That is beautiful, It reminds me of Life is strange for some reason, it is so pretty to look at.

On your Polycount thread you linked the following picture:

Starting from the upper left you have normal map, AO, and base color, but I’m not sure what the bottom right is for. Can you explain your terrain material?

The bottom right is the heightmap, so he can generate the terrain with it.

I wish Firewatch looked like that .

Looks beautiful, definitely a great color palette and very nice shaders on your models!

I am totally blown away by this Martin. Outstanding work! I am trying to figure out where on your height-map the bridge is placed!

I just uploaded the project files to gumroad. You can download it for free. Enjoy.

Thanks for the great feedback. Very much appreciated! Sorry it took that long to reply. I am just horroble writing in Forums.


This is really beautiful. I love the glowing red leaves… DO you have any advice on teh best lighting, sky, set up to use for an open level like this… I am working on one and I am glad for any pointers…