Sunrise Forest Unreal Challenge: #BetterLightThanNever

Sunrise Forest Unreal Challenge: #BetterLightThanNever

This one is just fast
(Sunrise Forest to Unreal Challenge: #BetterLightThanNever - YouTube)

This forest of many forests for #BetterLightThanNever.
Special for me is just quick exercise for improve my lighting and composintion . And I can’t beilive how fast and good it can be now ! It took me only few days to build up scene and lighting, and i really love theresult.
Cheers for everyone and lets make something Unreal !

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:
Quixel Megascans
Megascans Trees: European Black Alder

  • Engine version 5.0.2

Hey there @Veisveis1,

Hope you’re having a great week so far.

Can’t believe a scene like this only took a few days. The light rays are so breathtaking. What was the more challenging part of this project?

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Hey !
Thanks a lot for warm words:)

If thinking about time what I spend on this scene- it was around 3-4 working days (2-3 hour per the week , after regular job)
I just start to build my scene from the camera view, and follow main rule from William Faucher - What you see ,that what you get . If you want I’ll send more screenshots from viewport , and you see scene little bit destroyed, where camera didn’t touch it.
I didn’t take a lot of references,because I wanna little bit play with scene and feel free.
All hard work do Lumen here :slight_smile: -
I just set adjustment correctly (for my taste)

Main challenge for me was get this feeling about believable result , because I never work with organic or nature , but I love the forest , so I try build this feeling - “I wanna be here at this moment” :slight_smile:

Kind regards , Veis

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You definitely managed to make me want to be in this moment as well. It’s truly incredible work.

Hope to see more of your work around the Unreal forums. I’d love to see what else you can do!

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