Sunlight knightess (UE5 Rendered Character)

Hi All,

I recently finished a character project in Unreal and wanted to share it here. This is my sunlight knightess character. I rendered here using path tracing in Unreal and really like the results.

Here is a video too of the character turned into a playable character.

If you like the project you can see some more renders of it on my Artstation.
A like and follow would be super appreciated! :grin: Hope you guys like the work!


Love this character design! It reminds me of a Nova from Black Desert Online. Except quite a bit more edgy :grin: Absolutely love it.


Thanks! glad you like it! Definitely some of the design was inspired by BDO. So its nice to hear that some of that inspiration was recognizable in the final design. :smiley:


The Sunlight Knightess is stunning in both character design and background! I absolutely love her armor design. :star_struck:

Knowing that this beautiful work of art is part of a much larger project has me excited! I’m looking forward to seeing what you share with us next. :eyes:

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Honestly, it’s a great reference to the class. It’s nice to see another version of her :smiley:



Greetings @Sixquar3 !

The Sunlight Knightess is certainly a celebrated solider, standing in stark uniqueness in her elevated path to protect the realm. She towers above the enemy with such skill and bravery as Brienne of Tarth (but more awesome).

Like the black and gold adorning her armor, she is both mysterious and powerful. She is resplendent in the intricate details of her golden presentation. The sun shines on the Sunlight Knightess respectfully, where light reflects gloriously from her illustrious headdress.

The spiked, armored boots and the delicate movement of her dynamic cloth skirt denotes that she may show up fashionably, but don’t underestimate the powerful swing of her mighty sword and her dedication to the living god.

Like my fellow team, I eagerly look forward to the next reveal of this larger project! I see that many games have inspired the Sunlight Knightess. Of what from TES was your character inspired?


Thanks so much im glad you like it! Haha you put her in better words than I could. So the Elder scrolls inspiration comes from the Ebony armor sets from the series. Ebony armor is my favorite to acquire in the games. So part of the inspiration comes from that. The other inspiration is the Deadric prince Meridia from the games. I like how she is the lady of infinite energies in the lore and despises the undead. So whenever I play Skyrim I usually turn into a Meridian paladin like build.

So when I first started designing the armor a lot of the design ideas revolved around this being like a champion of Meridia armor set. But as I designed it more and more it turned into its own creation.