Sunless Chronicles - Development thread

Hey guys,

I’ve been working for a few months now on a fast-paced Action RPG project inspired in games such as Dark Souls, the Witcher, and the Diablo series.

A few weeks ago I uploaded a youtube video showcasing the very-early combat style, and to my surprise, it received about 50K views in the first 2 weeks. Back then, I was planning to develop the game for the android market, but, judging by the warm reception, I decided to make it a PC + consoles title.

This is the original video. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of unpolished stuff such as skeletons with blood particle effects and sloppy animation transitions (to be honest, I was expecting 1-2K views, not 50K), but it’s kind of late to remove the video now.

Today I finished working on the first version of the Character Customization system. I’d love to have some comments from the community – what do you think about the system, UI, etc?

I’ll be posting further development news in this thread, so if you’re interested please stay tuned.

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you all!

Great work! There are lot of people who like that kind of character creator.

Personally,for an RPG character creator, i would have chosen an approach more like WoW/SWTOR.

Hope we see more gameplay videos soon.

Once again good luck with your game:)

Thanks man! I appreciate your comments.

I’ll be uploading more gameplay videos soon. The next big milestone will be to develop a fully modular AI system that allows procedural enemies to adopt group behavior such as following orders and execute coordinated attacks. It’s looking great so far and will probably be ready in a few weeks.

Have a great day!

How many types of enemies are you planning to include?

From the video we can see skeletons and the Knight?

Obviously you can do lot of variations with one skeleton type, like warriors spellcasters etc by changing the weapons, armors to them.

Most of the enemies in the game will be humanoids that will share the same skeleton and, on same cases, the same mesh topology. Using parametric bone transformations, blendshapes, layered materials, equipment and accessories, I hope to be able to generate really different enemies in terms of appearance. And, if I manage to develop the AI system I commented on above, I could potentially make the game procedurally generate different enemy squads with their own tactics and appearances – think of Diablo 2 and Shadow of Mordor’s way of generating different enemies on the fly.

There will also be non-humanoid creatures and bosses, but they will be probably fixed for every playthrough.

Of course this is just me rambling as I haven’t made any of this yet, but that would be the point of arrival.

I’ll share some screenshots on this thread as soon as I have anything done :slight_smile: