Sunflowers Field

Few days ago I finished my porject called “Sunflowers Field”. Here You can watch what I created:

Some additional screens:

Software used in this project:

– Autodesk 3D Studio Max

– Adobe Photoshop

– Unreal Engine 4

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Please give me some opinions, critics ad thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks and Cheers !

great stuff, kinda want to run around in it haha

Make from the Sunflower 4 different Versions of Mesh and texture, than the field looks better like real random…

Looks pretty nice, though as Rider suggested making slightly variable versions of the sunflowers could help to make it look less uniform. =)

You’ve got sunflower stalks with differnt amount of leaves which is good, but the only thing you might want to do is angle the actual flower’s differently, should make it look a little more natural :slight_smile:

You are right. Now I see that this is too uniform. I created few version of sunflowers and also placed them on different high, angle etc. but now I see that I should have done this more “wild”. I will remember about this in my next project. Thanks :slight_smile: