Sun Sky actor + DFAo & LPV

I can’t set up Sun and Sky together with Light Propagation Volume and Distance Field Ambient Occlusion. Although I set everything the same inside Sun and Sky and in dedicated Sky Light& Directional Light I get different results. With Sun and Sky, I can’t get LPV light bounces and my DFA0 doesn’t blend nicely. Please see the comparison screenshots. Is it a known limitation or a bug? Or I might be doing something wrong?

So, there’s a Sun/Sky actor with a skylight and directional light in it? Plus, there’s another skylight and directional light outside of the Sun/Sky actor? That’s probably one of the issues, especially if settings aren’t tweaked right because it appears in the screenshots that lighting and shadowing is extremely strong. It’s likely due to the combination of 2 skylights and 2 directional lights having their lighting injected into the LPV and strengthening the DFAO effect too much. Try posting screenshots of the settings for LPV, DFAO, Sun/Sky lights, and the separate directional / skylight lights. Only the DFAO settings, and the upper details panel settings for directional and skylight. Then all settings for the LPV that are in the post process volume settings (there’s about a dozen).