sun position, realistic shadow (longitude, latitude, date and time)

I use unreal engine 4.16.
I want to have a realistic shadow based on the geographical position (longitude and latitude) of a building, its orientation (relative to the north), and the date and time. How to do ? Thank you for your help.…lcdetails.html

Turn the math behind these spread sheets into a blueprint.

I’m currently working on this myself, not finished quite yet.

this seems to be very hard, thanks a lot.
From now, there is no plugin ?

perhap, it is possible to use xls or csv file in unreal ?
in unreal : you select location , date and time
unreal go to xls to make calculations
and return sun position (elevation and azimut)

Depending on your exact requirements you can pull fbx data from say a 3dsmax daylight system and drive the sun position by a umg slider. I’ve done this for a few things… Its a fairly simple work around if say you want daylight data for one day between two times.

i want to :

  • design a house with a good north orientation

  • set the latitude and longitude of the house (variables in a blueprint)

  • interior lighmapping with artificials lights

  • have a menu with 3 sliders :

  • one for the date, from January 1th to December 31th)

  • an another for the time of the day ( 00:00 to 24:00)

  • a third for Time zone

  • package for windows 64 bytes

  • launch exe

  • use of the 3 sliders

  • my calculations in the blueprint with…lcdetails.html

  • the result : Elevation and azimut of the sun
    to have good position for the lens flare
    and good shadows on the ground and through the windows

One more thing :

I have bought the plugin Ultra dynamic Sky
if it is possible, the choice with a check box to have or not clouds

hello i have found and bought a blueprint

here :

thanks a lot