Sun moving 90 degree lock on any objects when a low value

Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone had a work around for making object slowly rotate in UE. I’ve tried everything rotating on the axis/make rotator/world/local rotations even the rotation component. I just need a very small pitch but it only seems to work when what number is 1’s or 0.1’s any other number lower than those it will get stuck at 90 no matter divisibility. So I was trying to use 0.07 or 0.007 to have a slow moving sun and star field. Is there any work around to have a slow rotation or am I stuck to having it fly around at Mach speed for this to even work? sorry if this is a simple question I’m still learning the program and having a lot of fun with it. my code is simple but I’ve darn near tried everything maybe I’m missing something obvious. thank you!

Sounds like you’re encountering Gimbal Lock; it’s a flaw in the way you’re using the rotation;

I found out what it is and why its happing but I have no idea how to fix or avoid this. I tried to set a 360 value but it doesn’t move anything anymore

found out how to fix literally just add a value to the X or Z and then it will never lock :rolleyes: took me all day thinking about it