Sun light interior problem

Hello, I have this strange lights problem. I use a sun and skylight in the scene. I made a room mesh win 2048 lightmaps res and then I added the furniture. Then I did some preview tests. When I don’t select my room mesh, the sunlight disappears! But when I select the mesh in editor, the sunlights comes up! This happens only in the interior, when sunlight comes inside the windows (and the glass material). Any ides?

Preview build
static 0.35
num indirect 35
indirect light. quality 10
smoothness 1


Try disabling modulated shadows inside the Light Source

I had a very similar problem, and it turned out to be related to my graphics card. I was using a fairly old one, and when I updated to a gtx 970 the problem went away. Your issue might be unrelated, but you might look into that.

Thank you both, it may be my radeon. I had a gtx580 but it died recently

I had the same issue before, the problem was the glass material, set it in “two sided” mode

Hodrik, this did the job. The material needs to be two sided. Thank you very much!

you can increase lightmap resolution to 1024 or more. it wil work:D


Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep it in mind next time!

I change the lightmap res from mesh editor, it’s the same right?cc09dbe439cb949ee6be3a4186f1e278d1d093fa.jpeg

here are some new screenshots

Hey man spot on! thanks! I had the same problem and it was driving me mad!

I’m also curious if it’s the same thing.
It doesn’t seem to carry over.

Actually I’m still having this problem, I can see it’s related to the directional light but I haven’t figured out why.