Sun Corridor


I’ve recently finished this scene in Unreal Engine and though I would share it with the community.




looks amazing do you mind to share some settings or postprocess volume specs ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I was using this project to try to learn how to use the post process volume better so the settings might be limited in their usefulness though here they are.

I first set up the sun to 3.14 in strength and instead tweaked the Exposure in the post process volume to get to look brighter.

A very important part is tweaking the brightness of the materials base colors as it effects how much light will bounce.

The reason I’ve turned off the screen space Ambient Occlusion in the Post Process is that I bake it in the light maps instead. Unsure if this was better or not.

For the floor I use a planar reflection actor to get the ceiling to reflect when the camera is facing downwards as the screen space reflections do not appear in those situations.

I’m also rendering in 4k without antializing and then downsampling to 1920 in After Effects to avoid the blurring you can get from the antializing.


With and without Post Process and Unlit:

World Settings:

The settings I changed in the Post Process Volume:

Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing the details. =)

Fantastic work. Excelent!