Summon NPC on Impact does NOT work on Live servers.

Hi there,

I wanted to report that the feature Summon NPC on Impact does in fact NOT work on any sort of multiplayer server. It works fine in single player (Example: Check out my Distraction Arrow in in single player), and summons the NPC, but when put on a Dedicated Server, it WILL NOT summon the NPC.

I’m assuming that this is due to some sort of anti hacking protection? Any way around this issue?

  • Sinari

Can you give me the location of the thing you are trying to summon (in your mod folder structure) and the command you are attempting to summon it with?

I was given insight into why this isn’t currently working by one of the Dev’s. It’s a client sided issue with Authority, so I gotta figure out how to call it from server side, not client side. And my mod is setup fine Drathek, it’s not that something isn’t being referenced, it’s that client sided authority doesn’t allow for NPC summon’s on Impact, cause it works perfectly in LocalPlay in Ark. To clarify, I’m not using any “admin” command. It’s just a projectile that summons a custom npc on impact.

You should just be able to do an IsServer() check in the Blueprint, and thus only spawn the NPC on the Server, and then Replication will naturally ensure the Client gets it.

Thanks this helps quite a bit! :smiley:

I’m not familiar with network blueprinting at all so I’m not 100% sure where to go from there, but I can make a few educated guesses and assume it would result in something looking like this. Please correct me if I am wrong (could be).

Update: Actually don’t give me any big hints on this one, I found some documentation that I believe has the answer to this xD

Update2: After reading up on the documentation I found (Link:

I have come up with this. Not 100% sure this is setup to work correctly with Ark’s needs, but according to the UE4 documentation it should work now. I wouldn’t mind a simple yes or no as to whether this is setup correctly, but don’t flat out give me the answer, a mild hint wouldn’t be rejected either lol (I’m enjoying the slight challenge and learning experience, but mind you this is my first networking blueprint experience).

Update3: Nope not working. Tested on dedicated mode in PIE, and still isn’t working. Hmm.

PS: I’m posting the details so others can learn from this and get an idea of how things work with networking blueprinting in terms of authority rights

Bump. A few hours later and still lost.

I recommend loading up the dino arena in PIE, turning on god mode, alt-tabbing back to open the level blueprint, and watch what chain of events fire each spawn event. Essentially it goes off event tick, returns “is server”, branches if true, cycles through all actors to see if they any are human (otherwise it waits), checks and sets spawn timer, selects a dino for a list to spawn, and calls Spawn Dino, binds an event (their death) to an event, and so forth.

Ah thank you, didn’t think about that. I feel silly now. Greatly appreciated :smiley: