Summer UE4jam! June 29th - July 4th - THEME: BLESSING IN DISGUISE

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

Team: V-Rail
Members: 2

First Jam,good luck everyone.

Team - “Black Flux”.
Members - 1.
May the force be with you. :cool:

Nite Owl Studio (1)
Will be entering a submission.

Yay a Jam.
This will be tiring and interesting.
Team - Bear²
Members - 1

Team: Khronos Studios
Members: 5

First Jam, tanks!

Team = Devil Inside Studios
Members = 5

Let’s Jammmmm!!!

Team NikPo
Members 3
First Jam,
3 indie friends

Team: NedulC
Members: 3

Team: NedulM
Members: 5

Team: NedulS
Members: 2

First Jam, let’s do it!

Team: Enter studios
Members: 1
I finally got a HTC Vive HMD, so I will develop a VR project for HTC Vive and motion controllers.

Team: LiduosGames
Members: 2

hey looking forward to doing this. My team is “Room 144” and there are 5 of us. Cant wait!

Me and my team would like to enter into our first game jam
Gordo Co. Games
5 team members

it’s soon to me to enter this jam :slight_smile: i will just watch

Question. Since Intel is a sponsor, are Intel employees (not using resources) eligible to sign up for the Jam?

Team: Team Jacob
Team members: 1

No joke. :wink:

Does anyone know if we are allowed to use assets made with an Autodesk Educational License in a game jam legally. Obviously the project is not for commercial purposes, but I am wondering if the possibility of prizes messes things up?

Hey, [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]
Sign me up!
Name: Team Goanna
Members: 1

  • Cheers, Goanna


My name is Yoeri not Yeori :stuck_out_tongue:
also, its Luos Arts :stuck_out_tongue:

Team: Side Step Studios
Members: 4