Summer Project

Looking for a few extra people to start a group with. I’m trying to build a small game based on an existing design that I’ve been refining over the last few years, unfortunately I’m seeing it’s quite a bit of work for one person, but a small team might not have as much trouble. The game idea and mechanics are fully fleshed out, I’m just looking for a few talented people to help get a demo going. Once complete the demo will be submitted for the Unreal Developer grant. If successful, the team members will each be paid, based on the funds of the grant of course. Even if not accepted I will be doing my best to get this game developed fully and released, at which point any royalties gained would be the payout.

I am not totally new at this, mainly just new to Unreal. I’m a 3D Artist by schooling, but I’ve been really enjoying C++ and now Unreal’s Blueprint system. I have been dabbling in building small games for a while now, with one mobile game already having been built in Unity.

Currently the needed skills for this project would be…

3D Artist - generalist , animation and UI knowledge a plus
Programmer - Blueprint knowledge a plus

If you’re interested in giving it a shot and wanna hear more about the game, feel free to respond to this post or contact me directly through the site.

Programmer’s are accounted for.
Still seeking another artist.