Here are some things I noted when playing over the weekend.

  • wires/pipes have unlimited length without support. Creates highly unrealistic game features.
  • need to have angles or auto-rounding corners for objects. In particular, there was some wires that came to t-intersections, when it should be rounded and continuous.
  • cannot make a round house. I’m fairly certain based on visits to Africa, the first houses were round. Currently none of the architecture allows for rounding building/fence walls.
  • Animals are in unrealistic places. I see Brontos on tops of mountains! (wth)
  • There should be an ability to create caves (also one of the first building types), there should be no reason one cannot us a pick and hollow out a cave in a cliff. (there should also be a collapse factor)
  • rocks explode when mined, this should only happen if explosives are involved, otherwise they should crumble away.
  • trees fall and disappear. These should fall within the first hits, then become debris to be ‘mined’ for wood.
  • Animals get tired, but otherwise don’t suffer from effects of heat/cool/thirst. I’m fairly certain live animals spend a lot of time resting for reasons (think of large cats on the savannah). Might be important to have nocturnal/diurnal creatures.
    I really like the game, so keep up the good work.

Thanks for your time

this post would be more at place in the suggestion of the steam community forum :wink:

the bronto on mountain, i don’t have that, only mammoth/ankylo spawn in mountain for me.

the ability to create cave : the game is not designed to do it, it is not a voxel world.

the other thing, we are on alpha, many thing are placeholder and we don’t even know what it will look like when finished so wait and see :slight_smile:

good day to you too :slight_smile:

im working on a total conversion to fix most of this especially the spawning and destruction mesh (halfway done the meshs)
as for cave digging/mines i have an idea but cc code is needed and atm is not in the devkit im hoping this changes or the mods ect actually take notice of me so i can ask a few simple things that will net them the best game to date.
tree felling is something i have a fair bit of knowledge in but as the last thing the physics in the actual game vs the physics of the trees i made are far between so awaiting conversion or someone to notice my beautiful self :stuck_out_tongue:
pipes and wires will have a full rework of models and placement data cause i thought it was a bit weird 2
i just finished my first prefab building so i knew how devkit treated made items so i am adding tepee, proper foundation square and round, walls and dino housing/mounting points (but working alone is a slow process)
weather effects is something i have tested in devkit and partly ingame but waiting on the release of info to be able to implement it properly

hopefully by this they see my work and help me help them :smiley: i love these guys work but its really stabbing in the dark even if u have built a game before

if u would like to look at my ideas or help bottom of this page :slight_smile: