I just wanted to provide some feedback and become more active in the community. I also love this engine and want to see it dominate completely so I have a few suggestions that maybe you’re working on or haven’t thought of. Anyways…

I’d like to see animating in the engine taking further where you could maybe easily rig a mesh in the engine and create animations for it. Doing something like that would really help the smaller developers out so they don’t waste money on 3rd party subscriptions such as Mixamo and then have to subscribe to Speed Tree for good foliage and anything else. I’d like to see a day where all my money can go towards new things in the market place.

Another thing is a proper hair shader. Some users have provided a way to make a more stylistic hair material, but I’d love to see something that’s a little more realistic and standard already in the engine like the skin shader. Apex Cloth for hair is very hard to learn with no tutorials on how to do it, so I’d like to see that door opened for us.

Fluid Physics and more… Now this is dominantly what I would love to see. If you ever get your hands on Cryengine their water system owns. Period. The water you get out of the box is swimable, proper physics, looks real, and it’s standard. I want something like that for us. We should do a lot better out of the box than Cryengine and I feel like although there’s water things you can download and tutorials, all of it is so much lesser than what cryengine offers and in the end it’s a plane that you can walk through.

I would love to hear opinions and if some of these things are already available, I’m sorry I’m just offering my opinion and after using this engine for well over a year now I haven’t found anything like that yet.