Suggestions with character animation; using root motion or not?

Im starting to learning character animation using Maya and A.R.T. I have a character in which I’m going to create animations for a first person shooter; so the typical idle, walk, run, strafe, etc. Is it better to use root motion in conjunction with AnimMontage? I ask because I’d like to use variables to control the characters speed; as an example carrying a lot of weight would result in slower walk/run speeds, etc. So it seems like I would want to control the collider, and have the animation follow accordingly.

Anyone have any suggestions either way to achieve the desired outcome?


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

first person not used root motion, all it is in the “place”.

Check the shooter game from market to get a idea about.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

Basically, it’s a pain to use root motion right now, so don’t. Also, root motion is less important for first person animations, you’ll have more control and it’ll probably look better with in place animations.

Yeah root motion is great and Epic have it on the backlog for local games only, once you go online, it gets harder to be deterministic about where all the root motioned characters are and as such is quite often best not to use it.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on it.

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